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This is the documentary and journalism content research website for London based media company, BasementVision, established in 2003. Managing Director, Alexander Brown, began the journey while travelling the world as a professional kite surfer. During his time in the extreme sports sector, BasementVision was developed on the side and produced a wealth of influential and widely distributed promotional videos, print magazine material and more.

Now, 10 years on, our small skilled team consits of passionate filmmakers, photographers, travellers, environmentalists and change makers. We are here to show everyone our view of the delicate world we live in, and how we can must preserve it to enjoy it the many ways in which we love to.

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Documentary film.

Current project: Feature documentary film, "Rainforests of the Ocean" working title 

Writer/Director: Alexander Brown

Executive Producer: TBA

Producer: TBA

The film is coming into its third year of production. The team have already spent over a year in the Maldives covering a wide range of issues from the effects of climate change on the low lying nations, to a military coup d'état during February 2012 on the first democratically elected president. Filming has also taken place in Bangkok, Sri Lanka and the UK.

After relocating in August 2013 to Sydney, Australia, film director Alexander is getting ready to venture out into the islands of the South Pacific. The first two quaters of 2014 will be spent filming nessesary b-roll and outstanding interviews, in order to complete principal photography of the movie.

We are in the stage and on target of preparing all of our pre-production materials in order to secure completion funds to complete the film, so that it is ready for its premiere and entry to the film festival network starting January 2015.

We invite you to learn more about the film on the documentary film page.

Sinking islands of the Maldives

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